Contracted HR Specialist

NATIFS (North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems), is a 501c3 nonprofit founded in 2017. Our mission is to promote Indigenous foodways education and facilitate Indigenous food access. We spread Indigenous food knowledge, train and develop Native food producers, create food access in tribal communities, and provide Indigenous education focused on localized food systems.

Our culinary training center, called the Indigenous Food Lab, is located in the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, MN. We offer education on all aspects of Indigenous-focused food service, including Native American agriculture, farming techniques, seed saving, wild foods, ethnobotany, Indigenous medicines, cooking techniques, regional diversity, nutrition, language, history, health, and healing.

We are dedicated to defining and working toward a “decolonized” workplace. We are looking for an HR Specialist to assist with staff recruitment, leadership development, coaching staff through conflict, helping define expectations and accountability, and managing employee relations. We project significant growth over the next year, and require assistance with hiring and onboarding new staff while keeping all staff focused on our mission and vision. We anticipate a combination of planned staff workshops along with ad hoc coaching on issues as they arise. 

Required Qualifications

  • Minimum 5 years HR experience, including cultural competency and DEI training 
  • Experience coaching others in managing HR issues
  • Experience with managing employee relations
  • Demonstrated ability to manage conflict in a culturally sensitive manner
  • Experience presenting workshops to staff on various leadership/conflict resolution topics
  • Experience with national job applicant searches, recruiting and hiring processes
  • Ability to coach and grow leaders

Desired qualifications

  • Coaching skills on how to maintain strong relationships during conflict
  • Experience in developing a stronger workplace culture of equity and belonging
  • Familiar with concepts of ancestral, generational trauma manifestations 


We prefer a monthly retainer situation with an assumed number of hours included, with ability to adjust based on demand. At the start of the contract, we assume approximately 20 hours per week, to be adjusted as needed. We prefer that some of these hours are spent on site, at the Midtown Global Market on historic Lake Street in Minneapolis, MN.

The goal of our work is to help tribal communities and Native individuals develop, implement, and maintain Indigenous food entities for their communities, which could be as small as developing a product for market or designing a small catering operation utilizing products grown by Native farmers, or as large as a full-scale restaurant, depending on the means and resources of the individuals and the community. Once open, these satellite tribal entities will help directly influence community members by giving them access to healthy Indigenous foods that are designed to represent their tribe, in their language, using their regional flavors, and giving them the resources to grow community gardens, create permaculture landscapes, process and preserve foods, and create more Indigenous food leaders and food processors to plug into our growing network. We help with business planning, securing initial financing, and providing ramp up support for these satellite businesses. Our staff includes culinary team members who are working toward their own Indigenous food education goals while also training others on their knowledge, education staff, and a variety of specialists mentoring and consulting on various aspects of business planning and development, as indicated by our trainees. This will include providing our entrepreneur trainees with assistance setting up their own HR systems as needed.

To Apply or Inquire for Further Information

To apply, please send the following materials to the NATIFS Search Team at, with the subject line as follows: HR_(last name)_(first name):

  • One-page cover letter
  • Resume or CV
  • In your cover letter, please mention any experience working on diversity, equity and inclusion and access, living in or working in Native communities, and any other experience you believe makes you a successful candidate for this position.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, but priority will be given to those received by July 1.

NATIFS is committed to the principle of equity. We actively encourage women, people of color and LGBTQ individuals to apply for this position and all positions at NATIFS.

NATIFS is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, military status or any other characteristic as established by law.