Liz Collin

Indigenous Education Coordinator

Liz Collin comes from an elementary education background. She found her passion for decolonizing education and revitalizing Indigenous languages while working as an Ojibwe immersion teacher at Bdote Learning Center in Minneapolis. While at Bdote, she continued to study the Ojibwe language, running language tables and writing language immersion curriculum for students. In May 2020, she obtained a Master’s in Education degree from the University of Minnesota, where her studies focused on dual language and immersion teaching practices in the elementary school setting. 

Liz is the Indigenous Education Coordinator at NATIFS, working alongside the Indigenous Education Director to create and implement curricula dealing with Indigenous foodways and holistic health. She is excited to continue her work in the Native community, decolonizing education and helping to strengthen access to traditional Indigenous foodways.

Liz is an avid musician, and in her spare time likes to create music and perform with her band. She is the caretaker of two Great Pyrenees dogs, two cats, and a small parrot.